Benefits to StaySafe

Your safety and security measures cost money. So it’s only logical that you expect a return of investment. That is why the StaySafe Certification program is measurable enabling hotels to demonstrate that positive safety & security management is good for business in many ways. 


Our StaySafe Certification program creates consistency throughout the hotel or group and is built around international 'best practices'.


Although hotels are insured against a variety of losses, many associated costs are not recoverable, these are uninsured costs. The ratio between insured costs and uninsured costs lies in the range of 1:8 to 1:36, therefore every $ recovered from insurers will mean at least $8 is being wasted. These uninsured costs come straight off the bottom line profits.


Below identifies a number of significant benefits for hotels when participating in the StaySafe Hospitality Certification program.

Improved Risk Resilience & Performance

Business Resilience – Demonstrate your hotel is prepared for those unexpected eventualities, crisis events.


From Detection to Risk Prevention Mode – Transforms the hotel from detection mode to the prevention mode mindset and culture. Accepted as being proactive about all elements of safety & security.


Improve Performance - Enable benchmarking between departments and risk categories from the performance data within the final audit report.


Risk Performance Targets & Goals - Establish meaningful Key Performance Indicators following the audit to monitor performance and drive continual improvement.


Reduce Incidents & Accidents - Proactive risk management and a positive risk culture are proven to reduce incidents and accidents. This will reduce lost time injuries, guest and employee claims, investigation time, poor reviews and bad publicity.

A fresh pair of eyes - A professional hospitality specific independent risk audit with fresh views of your hotel and new perspectives.

Legal & Regulatory Compliance

Demonstrate Compliance & Credibility – By meeting the StaySafe Hospitality standards which are recognised as industry best practices and regulatory compliance.


Duty of Care - Ability to demonstrate you are fulfilling your duty of care.

Resources & Recognition

Efficiency and Recognition - Reduced number of external audits due to acceptance of StaySafe assurance program. This will improve as businesses and governments recognise the StaySafe Hospitality Certification program. These entities will have greater confidence to book their employees in a hotel participating in the StaySafe Hospitality Certification program.

Additional Resources - As a participant of the StaySafe certification program you immediately receive access to our online risk library of tools, policies, procedures and training materials. 

Financial Benefits

Reduction of Insurance Premiums - Participation should enable the hotel to negotiate with their insurance broker for a reduction in premiums or ensure no increase at renewals.


Increase Business & Win new Business - Provide a competitive advantage due to the participation of StaySafe Hospitality program. The StaySafe Hospitality Certification can be used in hotel marketing strategies as a unique selling point.


Risk Management Action Planning - Each hotel receives a bespoke risk management action plan to enable them to plan and prioritise their budget spending on safety & security.

 Responsible Business & Reputation

Improve Guest Satisfaction - Possible improvement in reviews on travel review forums as guests feeling they are in a safe and secure environment whilst at the hotel.


Enhance Brand Reputation - Enabler to protect and enhance the hotel brand reputation.


Peace of Mind & Trust – StaySafe Certification ensures your hotel is doing what is supposed to in regards to safety & security. Even after the certification, we monitor ongoing action plans and improvements.

Increases Customer Confidence - Our certification program is recognised in throughout the hospitality sector and provides guests, travel companies, our partners, businesses and owners with the trust and respect that they are in safe hands.


Improve Employee Engagement - Improved working environment for employees, less staff turnover, reduced lost time through injuries and ill health.

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