StayClean Covid Secure Accreditation

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The impact of the global pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus is absolutely unprecedented for the travel and hospitality sector.  But it is not catastrophic, the industry can and will come back strong from this pandemic.

The industry has seen many hotel groups announce their enhanced cleaning standards in an effort to gain public trust and instil confidence back into the market. However there is no common approach and these standards are fragmented, often confusing potential guests and clients.

To support the hospitality sector getting back to business whilst providing a level of assurance, trust and confidence to potential clients and guests we developed a StayClean Covid Safe Program.  Taking best practices and applying common sense into one program, enabling a set of common standards in cleaning, infection control and prevention and social distancing to be applied and measured throughout the sector.  Driving consistency and improvements is the core principal of the program.

The Self Evaluation


We recognise that COVID has restricted travel therefore this program is developed for remote verification. There is an online self assessment tool and remote verification, but also tools online for continued improvement.  These are provided to enable our clients to demonstrate they are safe to welcome guests and ready for business! 

The Self Assessment is the first step to demonstrating a safer environment for guests.   It is carried out via our simple online survey assessment tool which is very user friendly. 


Once the Self Assessment is completed it is uploaded and verified remotely by our in house team of experts. This includes an in-depth review against our certification criteria and the responses provided.   

StayClean COVID Secure - Stamp of Assurance


Following verification of the self assessment a Certificate of Accreditation is provided to your hotel. A media pack is included with the COVID Secure stamp to enable the hotel to display their commitment and attainment of the high standards of infection prevention and control, to prevent the spread of COVID in the property. 

It provides a high level of assurance that enhanced cleanliness and hygiene measures are in place and should satisfy many of the new international regulatory requirements. 


To maintain the StayClean COVID Security accreditation the hotel is required to complete and update their online action plans.  The accreditation is valid for 12 months and where the standards are maintained.