StaySafe Hotel Safety & Security

Risk Standards

StaySafe Hospitality Safety & Security Risk Standards provide have been developed to provide a holistic risk profile of any type of property and include what are considered the major operational risk groups. Measuring over 800 standards for a full-service hotel. 


The StaySafe Standards and criteria have been developed  based on the knowledge and experience of our team and external consultations from leaders in the travel and tourism industry.  Further more we have referred to the following international standards:

  • Hospitality Brand Standards

  • International Tour Operator / Travel Company Audits and Self Assessments

  • International Corporate Clients & Insurance Groups Lodging Risk Audits

  • Hotel Safety & Security Assessment Form - AHLA, OSAC & HSWG

  • ABTA Health & Safety Technical Guide 

  • OSHA, HSE and other International H&S Guidance

  • ISO OHSAS 45001 (International Standard Organization)

  • HACCP / ISO 22001 Food Safety Management Systems

  • ADA / DDA standards


The following are the risk groups/risk categories included in the StaySafe Certification program. 

Health & Safety

People are the most important part of your business.  A positive health & safety culture throughout the hotel will help ensure that your employees feel valued and your guests feel safe, and importantly all return home safely to their families and friends. Good health & safety management is also proven to enhance your reputation as an employer and a brand reputation as a hotel, gaining respect and trust.

Security Management

It is imperative in these uncertain times, that every hotel has strategies and robust systems in place to protect against terrorism. Whilst it is understandable that the threat of terrorism remains high on many hotels agendas, no one should lose sight of the every day and emerging threats.  Hotels should ensure their business is prepared to prevent and respond to the more common 'day-to-day' operational security threats.  Ensuring they have suitable systems and measures in place to monitor and control hotel security.

Fire Safety

Every hotel has a unique fire risk profile and with that unique set of challenges, ensuring the daily operations don't compromise fire safety.  There cannot be any compromise where fire safety is concerned, especially as hotels have guests of all physical abilities and ages, disabled, elderly, young with children etc, who are usually unfamiliar with the property.  The hotel must have a robust fire strategy in place and this must include regular training and evacuation fire drills.

Leisure Safety

Leisure safety is increasingly presenting significant risks in the hospitality industry.  As more hotels develop larger leisure attractions for their guests, then the risks increase.  There continue to be drownings in hotel swimming pools and seawater which were preventable. Entrapment in spa pools and swimming pools, heat exhaustion and burns in saunas and steam rooms, heart attacks in gymnasiums, are all common examples of incidents in our hotels. Never forgetting the common slips and trips around pool decks etc.

Crisis Management

Crisis events are abnormal situations that are beyond the scope of everyday business.  A crisis is likely to significantly impact your business, reputation and revenue.  Crisis situations are a time when important and difficult decisions need to be made with confidence.  They will require the best leadership the hotel is able to deliver.  Crisis events will test the preparedness, resilience, and character of your senior management teams and employees. Hotels should have a documented crisis management plan that is frequently tested and reviewed.

Food Safety

Hotels have a responsibility to be aware of the risks posed to the health of their guests and employees from their food preparation, production and serving.  Awareness of food safety issues has never been higher among the public and advice being issued by authorities is becoming increasingly complex.  New and emerging food poisoning pathogens are causing alarm within the food industry.  Food safety is essentially concerned with the processes that your hotel uses to 'deliver' food without causing harm

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